Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tom's stepped it up...

Apparently Tom Cruise has been reading my blog and decided to ratchet up our feud.

As you know, Tom and I have a rather rocky relationship. Some might call it nonexistent, but I prefer to think of it as very distant. Most of the time, he goes about his business and I go about mine and we don't really have anything to do with each other.

That seems to work for both of us and things had been fine for a while. Then he started dating Katie Holmes.

I didn't say anything at first, but when my friend Eileen brought it up in her blog I had to say something. Some challenges just need to be accepted. You would think that after my open letter to him, Tom would kind of lay low for a while just to be cool... but no, the rat bastard has stepped it up.

First, I'm in line at the grocery store. There it is... cover of People, or maybe it was Us. Then there's more covers greating me at Target. And to top off the insult, the checker that rang me up a Traget had been sereptitiously reading the friggin' article... She still had it open!

You nearly had me on that one Tom. But I'm wise to your tricks.

Okay, you got me to freak out a bit in line at Target. (I think that poor girl is still a bit weirded out.) But now that I see your nefarious plan is to use your extensive publicity network to rile me and get me to snap, I will be the picture of calm.

That's right... You may be hot, sexy and rich, and you may have gotten me to get pissed in line at Target, but I'm still taller than you... You can't win this one...


joanne said...

Hmm, your profile says you are old. How old is old? I remember moshing, so you can't be THAT old. Eesh, if you are my age and consider yourself old, I will be depressed.

joanne said...

On another note, I could use a good sandwich right now.

Shawn said...

Don't be depressed... I'm *gasp* older than you by a couple o' years. But I just put that in there as a nod to my younger friends who like to point out that I don't act my age. I usually just stomp my foot and say, "you're not the boss of me..." when they suggest I should maybe -- you know -- grow up...

By the way, in addition to being younger than me, you're also way better looking than I am.

Wait a second... you're beautiful, intelligent, you seem nice -- and you're single?! Something's wrong with the world!

Jaymie said...

First off, you need not worry, Toms so out, Jude Law and Benn Affleck *Drool* are where it's at!!! haha. ;)
You used to the word Nefarious.
That was one of the words that me and a friend had awhile ago, in our "lets learn new big words each day"
And I, always picked dirty ones. hehe.
I would just type in Horny in the Thesaurus and choose my words from there. Thus getting...Nefarious. :)

Jaymie said...

Oh, and I'm feeling a bit better. I'm juts gonna chalk it up to weird Pregnancy hormoney thingers.
That would have been cool tho, if someone danced on a table or tried playing the bag pipes!!!
That would have made me muster up some kind of laugh.

joanne said...

Aww, thanks for the sweet compliments. People say that I am single by choice but I beg to differ. I mean, I really would date if I got asked out by someone I liked. I don't think I am that selective. I mean, I can't stand Tom Cruise and if the guy was anything like him I would say no. Is that too picky? ;-)

Sadie Lou said...

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?? Isn't he WAY older than her? I guess I can see why she would date him: She probably had a crush on him as an 8 year old watching Top Gun. I can see why he would do it too...ew. Weird couple. I thought the lead singer had a thing for Katie Holmes:
Member that song, Misses Potter??